Tallahassee Forensic Services

We are a leading Data Forensics Solution Center in computer forensics. Our team is highly trained to locate, preserve, analyze, and report on most types of digital evidence.

We recognize that Auto-Generated reports often leave Clients, Attorneys and Juries confused and unable to discern the meaning behind the data being presented. Our reports are different, we take the time to explain the technical aspects in understandable language complete with graphics and examples.


Hard Drive Imaging, Deleted Cell Phone Text and Data, Audio & Video Enhancement, and much more.

Data Forensics requires specialized training and tools which the average Technician does not possess. Our examiners have been court qualified as experts in their field and have the skill set necessary to handle even complicated exams.

Do you need a forensic exam ?
In short, if you (or your client) own a computer there is most likely relevant data to your case.


Divorce Proceedings, Child Custody, Cheating Spouse, Identity Theft, Fraud, Industrial Espionage, Corporate Sabotage, Wrongful Termination, Copyright Infringement, Intellectual Property Disputes, Internet Abuse, Child Pornography, Rape & Sexual Assault, Theft, Robbery and/or Burglary, Assault & Battery, Death Investigation.


A Wealth Of Information.
Our experts can recover deleted data, emails, chat rooms, internet history, internet caches, activity logs, pictures, documents, financial information, temporarily files, and much more. Evidence recovery is completed in a forensically safe manner, detailed logs and reports are kept for all procedures.


Not Just Computers !
Many of today's commonly used devices may store important and often overlooked information.

Cellular Phones
iPhone & Smart Phone
Thumb & Flash Drives
Palm & Windows Mobile Devices
MP3 - IPOD Devices
Digital Cameras - Flash Cards
Backup Devices, Tape, Zip, DVD
Security & IP Cams


There are literally hundreds of devices on the market from dozens of different providers and manufactures. Many of these have different firmware versions and data structures even between devices with the same model number. Because of this we offer a free device evaluation of the unit in question. Evaluations are generally completed with 48 hours of receipt and you will be informed of what type of data can be recovered and what the associated costs will be. Cases start as low as $398.00. The full report is available for a flat rate of $598.00

We are experienced in cases involving the complexities of modern technology. Cell Phone data recovery and forensic analysis is particularly challenging due to the proliferation of new phones on a monthly basis. We utilize a variety of hardware and software tools both of which require regular upgrades to bring you the most reliable and detailed results.


Spotlighting: Some cameras are designated in very populated areas. When an incident happens, you want the best way to highlight this. Using our specialized software we can zoom in the area and spotlight the target.
Determining Math in Video: Some cameras lack the resolution needed to an identification of a person. But through forensics there is a way to measure. When a person is suspected of being at a location which was caught on tape, we can use physical attributes to determine if this person fits the profile. Not only will an image take part in video forensics but so does height, width, time, distance, and speed.
Our experts conduct detailed forensic analysis to determine if material has been deleted, added, altered or changed in an analog or digital video recording. When the authenticity or integrity of a forensic video recording is in question, our detailed methods are produced in a report to show our findings.
We can enhance digital or analog video to smooth edges, sharpen picture, remove static, adjust brightness or darkness, remove interlacing, create stills, remove multiplexing, spotlight video, and much more. Formats available to convert to or from are DVD, VHS, DV, VCD, SVCD, and any computer multimedia formats.


We can take your tape, remove the noise, boost the proper frequencies so that the sounds you want or need to hear come through audibly. If you have a low volume, or hard to understand surveillance or evidence tape, this is the service you need. We also test with the latest Spectrogram Forensic software for signs of altering and tampering audio.

Some types of audio can be:

Surveillance Tapes
911 Tapes
DV Camera Devices or Tapes
Audio CDs
DVDs or Capturing Digital Discs
Mini Audio Recording Devices or Tapes


Electronic Discovery or eDiscovery refers to the legal discovery process as it applies to electronic records. The rapid adoption of electronic communication and storage technologies by government institutions and corporate entities has raised a host of legal and practical issues related to record-keeping practices, privacy, freedom of information, and disclosure of evidence. Laws and regulations that were developed for paper-based records have had to evolve quickly to deal with the unique characteristics and the enormous volume of electronic records. Our service to you includes document imaging and copying with forensic level treatment of your data, forensic investigation with accessible and useable results, expert trial support, and so much more.

The nature of digital data makes it extremely well-suited to investigation. For one thing, digital data can be electronically searched with ease, whereas paper documents must be scrutinized manually. Furthermore, digital data is difficult or impossible to completely destroy, particularly if it gets into a network. This is because the data appears on multiple hard drives and because digital files, even if deleted, can be undeleted. In fact, the only reliable way to destroy a computer file is to physically destroy every hard drive where the file has been stored.

E-discovery is an evolving field that goes far beyond mere technology. It gives rise to multiple legal, constitutional, political, security and personal privacy issues, many of which have yet to be resolved.


Our affiliate community of experts is primarily based on persons recommended by Attorneys and other Legal Professionals. Our experienced staff will connect you with top consultants, expert witnesses, and specialists covering a comprehensive field of technical and scientific disciplines.


Our Forensic Artists are skilled and innovative on how we handle today's modern worldin a court of law. New styles of evidence are being entered into law to help show the jury exactly what happen. Video and audio methods have changed over the years and so should be your presentations. Let us help you show the evidence properly and proven in a court of law.


Industry Wide rates range from $200 to $400 per hour. Here are United States Forensics, we are priced at a very competitive $198.00 per hour for general forensic work.

Of course hourly rates are only as good as the efficiency of the examiner performing the work. An inexperienced person could take twice as long and produce half the results.

We take great care in making sure clients are only charged for legitimate hands on work.


Computer System Imaging $398.00
Price includes the In-Lab creation of a forensic copy of a single hard drive up to 200Gb. This is commonly referred to as “Bitstream Imaging”

First Look Forensic Review $998.00
The FIRST LOOK service includes forensic imaging of up to a 200Gb Drive. Extraction of deleted and partial files, indexing of those files, keyword search (up to 10 words), and production of a search finding report.

Retention as Expert $498.00
We can become part of your legal team for as little as $498.00. This retainer will be applied toward case hours. Retenstion is subject to our review and acceptance of the case.


Discounts can be applied during special occations of multiple drives or tapes. Call for a free quote.


Prices may vary pending location, travel times, or timing. Call for your free quote today.


We have a certified examiner in your area available for local acquisitions. Additionally we employ a variety of high tech solutions to bring convenience and security to evidence sent to our main facility. Our centralized processing allows for the greatest quality control and cost savings.